BL Administration & Sandboxcompany Quick guide

Erik Söderlund - 21 February, 2023
If you wish to access the sandbox company in BL Administration, you first need to get a developer-license for BL Administration. To do so, you have to send a request e-mail to In the request you can decide how many users the developerlicense should contain. If you need more than one sandbox company for different environments, such as PROD, STAGE, TEST etc. just let us know in the request e-mail.

Step 1 – Download BL Administration
Once you received the activation mail for your developer-license, go to Click on “Logga in” and “Glömt lösenord”. Fill in your customer number and click “Skicka nytt lösenord” and confirm it. You will receive a new e-mail containing the password. When signed in you can find BL Administration under “Mina program”.

Step 2 – Login and start exploring
After the installation, Start the application and choose “Lokal företagsgrupp”, use a *(asterisk) as username without a password to login.

Step 3 – Licensing BL Administration
Activate your developer-license by clicking on “Licensierat system” – “Uppdatera licens” – ”Licensuppdatering över internet”
Fill in your login details and OK.
At first login you will get a question if you want to import a local sandbox company. Choose as you please and explore our software.
This is a local database for BL Administration use only.

Step 4 – Add the Sandbox company
Now, to the point!

To add your sandbox company to the companylist, click on “ny” and fill in an ID (1-4 digits) and a company name.
Select the “Databas I molnet” and Next.

Select the alternative above and OK.

Fill in the sandbox company database information you received when you activated the API-keys. Database, username and password in that order. (Timeout can be left blank)

You now have access to the sandbox company in BL Administration and can follow your data from a customer perspective.
Just click on the company in the list and let the testing begin!

Best of luck! /The Dev Team @Björn Lundén AB